fruit and nut chocolate truffles

I used to tutor a girl whose mother grew her own tiny little lemons and apricots. She’s the type of woman to imagine her old home new with a white picket fence, so she’d buy the pine and get on her way to realising that fence. 

She’d take these apricots, sun dry them and make these incredible little chocolate truffles with them. She’d serve them to me with a mug of black tea sweetened with a touch of honey. 


//A recipe for fruit and nut chocolate truffles

You’ll need a food processor with a blade/chopping attachment for this recipe. You can find them at most department stores, andTarget has one for $59! I’m obsessed with my food processor, and I’m sure that you’ll find it super handy for pestos and pasta sauces, too. 


125g dried apricots
125g dried pitted dates
50g almond meal (the amount you use will depend on how juicy the apricots and dates are)
2 tbsp cocoa powder
75g hazelnuts, toasted
50g desiccated coconut



Pop the apricots, dates and hazelnuts into your food processor and whiz for a few minutes. Add to the mixture the cocoa powder and half of the almond meal and whiz again. Continue to add almond meal until the mixture has granulated but still sticks together when poked.


Roll the mixture into small, 1 inch balls. The mixture should be sticky, and if not, add a touch of vegetable oil ad mix through.



Roll the small truffles in the desiccated coconut to coat them. Enjoy!


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