long lunch: delicious. Love to Eat

Last Friday I had the incredible pleasure of attending the delicious Love to Eat book launch and long lunch. It was held at The Grounds of Alexandria in the beautifully designed Potting Shed. The tables were blooming with deep magenta peonies, orange roses and pomegranates – a true hint of summer.

table setting

The space in The Potting Shed is a beautiful blank canvas, rustic and old, and the heavy, clay crockery and copper-coloured flatware perfectly complimented the experience.

welcome menu

Lunch drew long into the afternoon with four courses, starting with a truly decadent charcuterie grazing board which was served on a rustic three tiered platter and three following courses from the new Love to Eat given life by the incredible team at The Potting Shed.

charcuterie platter

The first course was corn cakes with Mexican green sauce (recipe on p. 184 of Love to Eat). The corn cakes had a lovely light texture and taste and really let the Mexican green sauce do its magic. Now, I’m not a fan (at all) of coriander, but the way that it worked with the oregano and mint made the dish fresh and lively.

fritters 2

fritters 1

The temperature quickly rose and the cooled main course of Harissa salmon with pearl couscous was very welcome. The mint again shone through in this dish and the lightness of the flavours made the dish a perfect summer meal solution.

salmon 3

salmon 1

And when we thought we were about to burst at the seams, out came dessert. This Japanese cheesecake with raspberries is so tasty (I could only resist it long enough to take just a single photo, so please excuse the not so wonderful image!) that I just about almost inhaled it. I had finished it long before the other bloggers had finished photographing the beautiful thing. But, I figured, it was a very hot afternoon and I’d rather eat it before it melted in the heat!

japanese cheesecake

delicious. Love to Eat is out now, and as you can see, I’ve already bookmarked everything I’m dying to give a go. The book navigates cuisines from all around the world, and sets perfect meal plans with starters, mains and desserts. Whether you’re buying this one for yourself (it has great – and easy! – meal plans that I’m thinking of using for Christmas lunch and dinner) or as a gift for someone, you can be sure that the recipes are unique and simple and the flavour combinations scrumptious and elegant, just like everything Valli Little does.

delicious book

A big thank you to delicious. Magazine, HarperCollins Publishers and ABC Books for having me.


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