event: dîner en blanc

‘Twas two nights before summer, when all through Centennial Park people dressed in white started stirring, right before dark.



Fairy lights flicked on, giant lanterns glowing, and soon the crowds were growing and growing.


A sorbet sunset simmered and the champagne popped as the people danced to harpists playing where giant bunnies hopped.


We sang the start of our party in the park, waived our napkins in the air, we are so close to summer and without a care.


We ate candied walnuts and paired focaccia with olives, we loved who we loved and lovers locked loving lips.



We had fifty dollar bills, we put our hands up, held sparklers in our hands and drank wine from plastic cups.


The harpist long gone, the DJ on pause ’til next year, we packed our picnics, admired stars in a night sky so clear.


And one by one we fluttered out of sight, it had become the day before summer, after such a spectacular night.


Diner en Blanc is an annual picnic held at a new secret location each year. It’s a night which celebrates people, food, and fashion. And this year was a celebration of both women and men’s style in Australia.


This year Diner en Blanc was held in the Centennial Parklands, Sydney and for the third year in a row I had the pleasure of spending the evening with my boyfriend and our closest friends. To register for 2015 you can check out their Facebook page for more information.


Thank you to the wonderful James Skelton for most of these photographs.


2 thoughts on “event: dîner en blanc

  1. What a fun looking event! I have never seen anyone do something like thi sin the San Francisco Area. I run a picnic planning company in San Jose and would love to try to throw my own type of party like this. I could plan it out and then make it a ticket entry event. Thank you for sharing. I love gathering ideas.


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