lamb koftes with speckled couscous

This recipe speaks so clearly to Middle Eastern culture: bringing family together over a simple but vibrant meal that’s easy to prepare, serve and share. You could plate these beautiful koftes up in individual serves, or do it Jamie Oliver style and let people at it themselves. This is guaranteed to please any party.


//A recipe for lamb koftes with speckled couscous
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bare bones pantry dishes

I regularly find myself on a Sunday staring into the shallow depths of my fridge wondering what I might be able to concoct for lunch or dinner. Add to that a rainy day, begging me to stay indoors and watch TV reruns instead of hunting/gathering sustenance, and what I’m usually left with is a can of chick peas, a too-ripe tomato and some cheese from that picnic we went on three weeks ago.

In the traditions of my family being completely confounded on December 25th (since we didn’t celebrate Christmas) without a service station open to sell us sausage rolls, I’ve learned that tins of asparagus and tuna, mixed together with a whole lot of imagination, can get you a pretty great lunch or dinner.


So here are my bare pantry meal solutions.

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